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Benefits to Universities

Benefits of IUSCA Degree Accreditation for Universities

The IUSCA aims to recognise the quality of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses within the field of Strength and Conditioning (S&C). Qualifying courses will need to demonstrate their ability to develop robust teaching protocols along with fair and reflective assessment processes. This will ensure that a university can offer a course that:

  • Is quality assured and meets industry standards 

  • Prepares students to enter the workplace with industry specific knowledge, skills and certification








Benefits include:

  • Promotion of the university and relevant degree courses - links on IUSCA website and feature article about the degree programme

  • Use of the IUSCA logo on course and marketing materials

  • Increased trust and confidence by the potential student

  • Students gain membership to the IUSCA

  • Opportunities for networking with professional partners, employers, and others within the university sector

  • Quality assurance of their course, staff and procedures



Meeting the Needs of the Students

With the marketplace for S&C becoming ever more competitive, it is essential that a university course can give students the skills and experience required to work in the industry. Accreditation assures students that a course meets certain standards and allows them to graduate with a high level industry qualification.   


The Accreditation scheme has established a profile of skills that employers will be able to recognise in graduates from accredited degrees.


These qualities include:

  • The ability to utilise scientific thinking in a variety of contexts

  • Breadth and depth of knowledge within S&C

  • The ability to write and communicate with clarity and effectiveness

  • Demonstrated technical abilities

  • Significant experience as a practitioner (750 hours)

  • The ability to review and evaluate their own and others' practice and performance



Employer Engagement

The IUSCA maintains strong links with employers from many areas within the S&C sector. This ensures that the Accreditation requirements are robust and relative to current needs. The IUSCA also ensures that there is a high level of collaboration between universities and employers, by providing networking and advertising opportunities where appropriate.      




Before making an application you should familiarise yourself with the criteria and assessment process for the type of accreditation that you would like to apply for, detailed information can be found in the Degree Accreditation Handbook.

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