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12 de set. de 2022 - 4 de dez. de 2022

Level 3 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning

  • 84dias
Todos os participantes que concluirem todas as etapas receberão um selo quando o programa terminar.


Welcome to the IUSCA IQF Level 3 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning. This is a 'hybrid learning' course, consisting of live online tutorial along with on-demand resources. This course is suitable for individuals with a Level 2 or equivalent of understanding and experience within sport, fitness, or strength and conditioning (S&C). Level 3 learning is appropriate for those seeking to be qualified to deliver sessions independently in a variety of settings, such as gym based, health/fitness club, sports club, personal trainer, etc. This course will cover the scientific underpinning for all aspects related to this independent delivery, and provide an opportunity for growth and development as a practitioner. Assessment for this course involves the completion of a comprehensive Portfolio of learning, including a documented 16 week (season-long) training intervention, and recorded coaching session.


£ 495,00

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