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External Evaluation

IUSCA's approach to quality assurance is based on partnership, fairness and transparency and is designed to support universities at all stages in their delivery.

What is External Evaluation (EE)?

"EE is the process of measuring performance according to a predefined set of standards"

The IUSCA EE process has been created as part of our ongoing work to professionalise our sector. IUSCA employer partners, funders and stakeholders have placed their support in IUSCA to ensure that departments in our sector are efficient, effective, and safe. 

What are the benefits of EE?

  • Quality assurance

  • A fair and independent review process 

  • Staff appraisals and evaluations

  • An external viewpoint and questioning

  • Guidance and support for further development

  • Athletic Department / Sports Department piece of mind that best practice is being adhered to for their athletes

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