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IUSCA and Vitruve Develop Global Partnership

The IUSCA and Vitruve are delighted to announce an important new partnership which recognises the industry leading services offered by both companies.

Vitruve is the velocity based training (VBT) device every S&C coach needs to reach their athlete’s maximum performance. Since being founded in 2017, Vitruve has developed market-leading technology in VBT, where every day, elite coaches around the world use their linear encoder to collect athlete and team data, and monitor performance.

Vitruve was developed taking coaches’ needs into account. They knew that the ideal way to measure VBT was to have a linear encoder, but the products already available on the market were extremely expensive (several thousand euros) and were also not very portable.

For that reason, Vitruve decided to develop a completely portable encoder (includes a screen that shows the data in real-time, and connects to Android* and iOS applications in real-time showing a large amount of data), scientifically validated and very economical compared to other devices. Vitruve also easily connects with TeamBuildr, the leading S&C programming software.

Andrew Langford, Director of the IUSCA said "as part of the IUSCA's advisory work within performance departments and academic institutions worldwide, it is important to align with and recognise the best products and services available to our industry. Vitruve is clearly one of those products, and it is establishing itself as the leading VBT product on the market."

Vitruve commented, "At Vitruve, we are thrilled to collaborate with IUSCA and contribute to the expansion of the strength and conditioning (S&C) field, bringing velocity-based training to everyone. The global reach of IUSCA combined with Vitruve's cutting-edge technology and approach to sports and fitness creates a strong partnership that unites people, knowledge, and technology to make health and sports brilliant."

Key features of Vitruve include:

  • Gold standard LPT for velocity-based training.

  • Double engagement and motivation with a real-time leaderboard and daily competition

  • 360º athlete performance view - track health, mood, and training on one platform.

  • Transform training with real-time feedback and efficient optimization.

  • Affordable solution for optimizing training performance.

  • Boost your athletes' strength by up to 2x with VBT.

  • Reduce fatigue and minimize injury risk by controlling and managing fatigue levels.

  • Optimize training loads for improved general and specific performance.

To find out more about Vitruve please visit the website at

and follow through social media: Instagram:

Twitter: @vitruvefit



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