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IUSCA develops educational partnership with the Strength Coach Network

The IUSCA and Strength Coach Network have taken steps to develop an innovative educational partnership, designed to enhance the learning opportunities of the S&C community.

The IUSCA is a non-profit organisation, offering services and support, primarily to the university S&C sector, which includes Degree Accreditation, External Evaluation, and an open-access, 100% free journal.

Strength Coach Network, developed by Keir Wenham-Flatt, offers a platform for strength & conditioning professionals to access world-leading educational resources and networking opportunities to with the goal of building longer, more productive, more stable careers. Strength Coach Network offers several hundred hours of in-the-trenches video education, members from over 30 countries working at every level of sport, and a busy discussion forum to assist with key career events like networking, job applications and interviews.

Andrew Langford, Director of the IUSCA commented “we saw the value of the resources available within the Strength Coach Network and wanted to make them accessible for our members. We believe that collaboration is essential in S&C, and it is only by us coming together, as a community, that we can help develop the industry and achieve common goals in relation to job recognition, value, and remuneration.”

This unique partnership will offer discounted membership as well as opening doors for further collaboration and projects for the betterment of the S&C community.

Kier said, “I’m extremely encouraged by the massive step forward IUSCA have taken in holding the profession to a higher standard. I’ve felt for a long time that we must do more than rely on simple accreditation or time-served as a measure of how well a department serves its athletes.

The IUSCA will measure the impact of a programme where it matters- on the ground, serving the athletes. I am confident that this in-depth third party evaluation, paired with periodic re-accreditation and an objective, transparent process will bring about much needed change within the industry. Bravo”



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