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IUSCA Launch the first Level 1 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning (and it's FREE)

The International Universities Strength and Conditioning Association (IUSCA) is excited to announce the launch of a pioneering, free educational initiative: the Level 1 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning. This program is designed specifically for students aged 16-19, sports coaches, athletes, and other support practitioners who are eager to expand their knowledge in the field of strength and conditioning (S&C).

As the world’s first free offering of this kind, the Level 1 Certificate aims to make foundational education in S&C accessible to a broad audience. This innovative course is set to foster a deeper understanding of strength and conditioning principles, methodologies, and practical applications, setting a strong foundation for participants to build upon.

Program Details:

  • Target Audience: Students aged 16-19, sports coaches, athletes, and support practitioners.

  • Certification: Successful completion of the course awards an IQF Level 1 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning.

  • Accreditation: This certificate is accredited on the International Qualification Framework (IQF), ensuring recognized quality and relevance of the curriculum at a foundational level.

The Level 1 Certificate not only provides valuable knowledge and skills but also serves as a potential stepping stone for those considering further education or career opportunities in strength and conditioning. With an IQF Level 1 accreditation, the certificate equates to foundational learning, while Level 8 represents a doctorate level of achievement.

Benefits of the Program:

  • No Cost: 100% free to all participants, eliminating financial barriers to entry-level education in S&C.

  • Flexible Learning: Accessible to a global audience, accommodating diverse schedules and geographic locations.

  • Industry Recognized: Accredited on an international scale, ensuring the skills and knowledge gained are relevant and respected globally.

IUSCA is proud to lead this initiative, committing to the advancement of strength and conditioning education worldwide. We believe that by offering this free resource, we are contributing to the development of well-informed athletes, coaches, and practitioners who can positively impact the sports community globally.

For more information on the course and how to enroll, please visit




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