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IUSCA | USA Placements 2022 Review

This year has seen over 40 students from UK universities attend prestigious IUSCA volunteer placements at NCAA Division 1 institutions in the United States.

This is part of the IUSCA’s flagship global partnership project, aimed at developing the next generation of S&C practitioners by exposing them to the elite working environments of NCAA D1 athletics.

Students from our partner universities in the UK initially take part in a highly competitive recruitment process and then are matched to our host institutions in the US, giving the successful candidates a unique and rewarding opportunity overseas.

Liam Dennis, from the University of Leeds was successful at obtaining a place at the University of Washington, under the tutelage of S&C great, Ron McKeefery.

Liam commented, "This was the best experience that I've ever had. The opportunity to work alongside Ron and the other coaches at UW was incredibly valuable. I've learnt so much”

Ron McKeefery, Head of S&C for Football at UW said, “Liam did a great job jumping into a Division One program. He was relatable, knowledgeable, and passionate. The IUSCA is doing an outstanding job in helping create opportunities for young coaches."

Placements generally take place during the summer months when teams and athletes are beginning pre-season. This gives an outstanding opportunity for the students to experience a variety of sports and engage with other coaches and interns.

Arizona State University, a new addition to the program this year was delighted with the standard of IUSCA participant and commended the students on their work ethic and contribution during their time there. Liane Blynn said, “It was an absolute privilege to work with Mhia and Anne this summer. They were both amazing and I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and dedication to the internship this summer. We absolutely miss their presence.”

One of our longest running placements at the University of Colorado was again a great success. “The IUSCA are two for two. Last year Dan was outstanding, and this year Sam came in and was awesome too. We love the work you guys are doing - thank you so much for sending out great volunteers” said Director of Sports Performance, Stephen Englehart.

Sam Thomas, from the University of South Wales, did an exceptional job at CU and it certainly left a lasting impression on him.

You can read more about Sam’s journey in his feature story.

The IUSCA would like to thank all of our partners in the UK and US, as well as all of our successful student volunteers, who have all made this Placement program a great success.

To find out more about IUSCA Placements, please click on the link below or email



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