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McKeefery Receives Master Distinction

Ron McKeefery, Head of Strength and Conditioning for UW Huskies, is one of the first to receive the IUSCA's highest accreditation, the Master International Strength and Conditioning Practitioner (mISCP) distinction.

The mISCP accreditation is the highest distinction in S&C and sports performance, and is reserved for those with over a decade of experience in the profession.

This prestigious award has been developed to distinguish exceptional practitioners within the field, who have made outstanding contributions to S&C.

The IUSCA has inducted and initial group of practitioners into the mISCP program, representing the highest standards of S&C. Along with Ron McKeefery, this list includes: Joe Kenn, Liane Blyn, Adam Hermann, Rick Franzblau, Bobby Fisk, Jed Smith, Brijesh Patel, Stephen Englehart, Ashley Samaniego, Stephanie Mock, Michael Hill, Griffin Waller, and Glenn Corcoran.

The mISCP distinction is now open for applications from exceptional coaches, researchers and practitioners within S&C and sports performance. To learn more, and to apply, please click on the website link:



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