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Level 8 - Doctorate Level 


Approx. 4 hours/week

Ongoing. Join any time. 


Online | Live and On-Demand


£95/month (approx. $120)




The Master Sports Performance Leadership Academy develops the knowledge and skills needed to transition successfully into leadership roles within high performance sport. 

George Greene, Associate Athletic Director of High Performance and Competitive Success 

About the Master Leadership Academy

Empowering Your Path to Leadership in Sports Performance

Welcome to the Master Sports Performance Leadership Academy (MSPLA), an elite program designed to equip ambitious strength and conditioning coaches and sports performance professionals with the skills, knowledge, and network required to excel in leadership roles within elite sport.

Are you an ambitious strength and conditioning coach or sports performance professional aiming to reach the next level of your career? Are you ready to step up into Head of S&C or Sports Perfoleadership roles within elite sport? Look no further – our exclusive Level 8 MSPLA is designed to propel you to new heights.

Join a select group of like-minded professionals and benefit from the wealth of knowledge and expertise shared by leading practitioners in the field. Our program offers a unique combination of networking, education, and support to help you excel in your career.

Key Features:

  • Monthly Live Sessions: Participate in live online sessions led by top industry experts, covering advanced topics in sports performance, leadership, and career development.

  • Q&A with Leading Practitioners: Gain invaluable insights and practical advice during interactive Q&A sessions with renowned professionals in the field.

  • Curated Content and Resources: Access exclusive articles, case studies, and research materials designed to enhance your knowledge and keep you up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

  • Access to over 100 hours of video content.

  • Private Online Group: Engage with fellow program participants and industry leaders in a private, interactive online community. Share resources, discuss challenges, and collaborate on innovative solutions.

  • Peer-to-Peer Networking: Build lasting relationships with other dedicated professionals, and expand your network of contacts in the sports performance and strength and conditioning sector.

  • IUSCA Certification: 

  • FREE application for the IUSCA Master International Strength and Conditioning Practitioner certification or IUSCA Accredited International Strength and Conditioning Practitioner certification (after 6 months enrolment). WORTH UPTO £295.00

  • FREE application for the IUSCA IQF Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (after 12 months enrolment). WORTH £995.00

  • Flexible Learning: Our online format allows you to learn at your own pace and participate from anywhere in the world.

Unlock your full potential and lead the future of collegiate athletics. Apply for the IUSCA Level 8 MSPLA today!







Program Overview

Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on the most critical aspects of sports performance leadership, including advanced strength and conditioning methodologies, program management, strategic planning, staff development, communication, and performance analytics. Throughout the program, participants will engage in a variety of learning experiences, such as expert-led live sessions, interactive Q&A discussions, and collaborative group work, all tailored to facilitate their growth as leaders in the sports performance field.

The Master Sports Performance Leadership Academy is distinguished not only by its content but also by the caliber of its participants and faculty. This program brings together a select group of dedicated professionals who share a passion for innovation and excellence, as well as a commitment to elevating the field of performance spo. The Academy's expert instructors are renowned leaders in sports performance, boasting extensive experience and a proven track record of success.

Upon completion of the program, participants will have gained the practical tools, insights, and connections necessary to drive positive change within their organizations, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and ultimately, contribute to the advancement of sports performance and athletic excellence on a global scale.

Embark on your journey towards sports performance leadership mastery and make a lasting impact on the world of collegiate athletics. Join the Master Sports Performance Leadership Academy today.

The program's comprehensive curriculum focuses on the most critical aspects of sports performance

leadership, including:

  • Advanced strength and conditioning methodologies

  • Program management

  • Strategic planning

  • Staff development

  • Communication

  • Performance analytics

During the program, participants will gain the practical tools, insights, and connections necessary to:

  • Drive positive change within their organizations

  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement

  • Contribute to the advancement of sports performance and athletic excellence on a global scale

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Bonus Content

For a limited time only, when you register for our MSPLA, you will also receive the following great benefits: 

FREE ACCESS TO IUSCA VIDEO (including over 20 hours of content from leaders in the field such as Brad Schoenfeld, Derek Hansen, Greg Lehman, Ron McKeefery, Lorena Torres, and many more...






我们所有的课程都得到了 IUSCA 颁奖委员会的认可。作为国际认可的颁发机构,我们的资格获得国际认可。  



International Qualifications Framework IQF 1200dpi.jpg

Master Members


Michael Hill,乔治城体育表演总监



Joe Kenn, Vice President Performance Education, Dynamic Fitness and Strength 

The mISCP allows me to continue to promote the profession at the highest levels and increase the reach I may have to help and mentor our future generations of performance professionals.

liane blyn_edited.png

Liane Blyn, Director of Sports Performance, Arizona State University

I strongly believe in and support the mission and the vision of the IUSCA. It is an honor and a privilege to be part of an amazing community of others receiving the mISCP accreditation

brijesh patel_edited_edited.png

Brijesh Patel, Associate Athletic Director Athletic Performance, Quinnipiac University

The mISCP gives recognition for what I have done for the field of Strength and Conditioning and what I will continue to do to help the next generation of coaches.

blue profile 1 (2)_edited.png

Andrew Langford, Performance Consultant, IUSCA

It's great to have an international standard for courses and qualifications. This makes it easy for coaches to understand the level they are at, and where they want to be. 

rick franzblau_edited.png

Michael Hill,乔治城体育表演总监


jed smith_edited.png

Jed Smith, Director of Strength and Conditioning, University of Northern Iowa 

It truly is an honor to be recognized by a group of internationally acknowledged professionals. This distinction is especially humbling and very meaningful to me as I accurately understand the standards set and quality control that is upheld by the International Universities Strength and Conditioning Association.

adam hermann_edited.png

Adam Hermann, Assistant Athletics Director Sports Performance, Northwestern

I believe that the IUSCA provides the international sports performance community with a governing body that our field can be proud of. The mISCP is another step that the IUSCA has provided our community to further validate our profession and the framework for growth and development to continue. I am proud to be associated with the IUSCA and with the mISCP distinction.

bobby fisk_edited.png

Bobby Fisk, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, NJIT

I believe that the IUSCA provides the international sports performance community with a governing body that our field can be proud of. The mISCP is another step that the IUSCA has provided our community to further validate our profession and the framework for growth and development to continue. I am proud to be associated with the IUSCA and with the mISCP distinction.

stephanie mock_edited.png

Stephanie Mock, Assistant AD for Sports Performance, University of Pittsburgh

Grateful and honored for the opportunity to collaborate with IUSCA providing opportunities for those internationally. We strive to bring in the top talent no matter what part of the globe they are from.

ashley samaniego_edited.png

Michael Hill,乔治城体育表演总监


michael hill_edited.png

Michael Hill, Associate Athletic Director of Sports Performance, Georgetown University

The mISCP is extremely important as our profession is not domestic, but rather transcontinental. As Practitioners from all continents, we are all working in the Human Performance profession and face similar challenges and successes. The IUSCA has brought together a platform to collaborate and celebrate those challenges and successes.

griffin waller_edited.png

Griffin Waller, Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Performance, University of Portland

I’m honored to hold the mISCP distinction with the IUSCA. They have demonstrated a true passion for elevating the profession through innovation, education, and collaboration. The IUSCA is setting the standard for best practice within the industry and the mISCP accreditation is a distinction I greatly value.

stephen englehart_edited.png

Stephen Englehart, Director of Strength and Conditioning, University of Colorado

The IUSCA has been excellent in developing the growing area of strength and conditioning (S&C) worldwide. What a great organization to be a part of. To be able to help young men and women worldwide with their development of strength and conditioning has always been a passion of mine. The Distinction award I am receiving is a true honor.

glenn corcoran_edited.png

Glenn Corcoran, Manager of the High Performance Training Centre, Bond University

I am driven to keep improving my knowledge, skills & qualifications within the industry to be the best I can be for myself, the athletes and teams I work with and to Bond University. The mISCP Distinction is another tool in the box that identifies and acknowledges the work, education & commitment to your field by an International Association that is striving to elevate the profile & professionalism of Strength and Conditioning worldwide.

  • Why are IUSCA courses and qualifications right for me?
    Our IUSCA courses and qualifications offer something for everyone. No matter what your role or level of experience within sport science/S&C, you will find an appropriate course or qualification. This includes entry level certifications, such as the Level 2 in Strength and Conditioning, which is the required minimum standard to work in most industry settings, right through to full Accreditation and Master Accreditation, which is appropriate for those with extensive experience within the profession. There is also a range of professional development courses (CPD) covering key topics within S&C, which will help you remain at the top of your profession.
  • What do the IQF Levels relate to? How can I know the equivalent in my country?
    The IQF, or International Qualification Framework is a global classification system to standardise courses, qualifications and levels of education throughout the S&C profession. This enables equivalences to be determined between awarding bodies and countries. All of our courses and certifications are internationally accredited.
  • Who designed the course content?
    All course content has been designed by experts within the field of S&C, sport science, or the relevent course discipline. Qualificaiton standards have been developed in collaboration with the IQF and the IUSCA Advisory Board. Specific courses may also feature expert live tutorial, such as the Training for Hypertophy in Sport course, which has live delivery by Brad Schoenfeld.
  • Are these courses live, online/in-person, or on-demand?"
    Our range of courses and qualifications are offered through a combination of live, online, in-person, on-demand etc. These details are specified within the individual course information pages.
  • We would like to deliver these courses within our organisation for our staff. Is this possible?
    Yes, it is possible to deliver these as part of your organisational required courses. Please contact us for further information at
  • How long will I have access to the material?
    You will have lifetime access to the course material, including all future updates.
  • Are live sessions recorded?
    Yes, all live sessions will be recorded, meaning that you can catch up 'on-demand' if you require.
  • Are the courses accredited?
    Yes, our courses are internationally accredited and regulated on the International Qualification Framework (IQF). This ensures global portability of your certification.

Leadership Academy




每 1 個月

Master Sports Performance Leadership Academy


Monthly Live Sessions

Expert S&C Networking

Personalized Growth and Support

Industry Discussions

Live Webinars and Events

Career Development

Master Accreditation Opportunity

Level 8 Doctorate Level Diploma*

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