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Level 2 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning

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Welcome to the IUSCA IQF Level 2 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning. This is a formal qualification that certifies foundation competencies within the domain of strength and conditioning. This is generally the minimum standard required for meeting health and safety (H&S) specifications within organisations and from a legal liability perspective. Some examples of jobs where this qualification is appropriate are: Fitness Instructor Assistant S&C Coach Sport Coach Physiotherapist/Athletic Trainer This online course will cover the fundamentals of anatomy, physiology, psychology, biomechanics, and nutrition, while developing an understanding of the scientific basis of program design and implementation over an extended period of time. This consists of online guided learning, along with video tutorial, and structured assessments. Candidates will be assessed through a multiple-choice exam, a case study, a practical demonstration, and significant reflective practice. This course is intended to take approximately 128 hours (128 TLH), which includes significant guided learning (48 GLH) as well as supplementary learning and assessment time (80 hours). Satisfactory completion of the course will result in the candidate being awarded an IQF Level 2 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning.

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