We work closely with many of our partners around the world to offer unique S&C placement opportunities. These can be short-term training or volunteer experiences at S&C/Sports Performance departments around the world, or full internships and study abroad exchanges.

  • Short-term training or volunteer experiences at NCAA D1 universities

  • Volunteer or Paid Internships

  • Vocational Training with Industry Certification

  • Study abroad programs

Alternatively, if you currently lead a Degree Program at a university,

  • Would you like to offer a placement as part of your degree or university course?

We are able to work with our partners to create bespoke placement experiences, helping transfer knowledge and develop the next generation of S&C practitioners. 

Fully funded opportunities are also now available through the Turing Scheme.









If you are interested in our placement opportunities, please contact us


USA Volunteer Placements

We partner with prestigious universities in the USA to provide volunteer and short-term training opportunities for overseas students and graduates. These are some of the top sports performance environments in the world, with incredible facilities and some of the best coaches and athletes to work alongside. 

  • NCAA Division 1 Universities

  • Top locations such as California, New York, and Florida

  • 6-12 weeks in duration

  • Opportunity for embedded certification

  • Fully funded opportunities available

An opportunity like this is also a unique experience to have on your CV. Our colleagues and partners have told us how this can make someone stand out during the interview process.


This really helped develop my confidence and coaching skills. You don't get a lot of practical experience like this at university, but this taught me so much.

Bea, placement in New York 


We are able to provide both unpaid and paid internships with our partners around the globe.

Internships offer an excellent way to 'work' within a high performance environment, gaining education and experience, while also opening up possibilities for future employment. 

This was the best experience I had at university. The opportunity to learn in a high performance environment like this was incredible. 

Kevin, placement in Washington

Study Abroad

We can facilitate formal study abroad/exchange programs for universities interested in offering credit bearing opportunities for their students. 

We have a vast network of university partners in the UK/Europe, USA, and Australia, which enables us to coordinate student exchange programs. 

If you are a university interested in how to embed a semester/year abroad for your students, please contact us now. 


Placements can be funded in a variety of ways. Typically this can be through the support of university 'Go Global' grants or similar, individual contributions, or crowd-funding activities. 


This year will also see the launch of the Turing Scheme in the UK. This will enable full funding for most placements that are eligible under: 


  • A university led application (we can provide support for this)

To find out more about the Turing Scheme, please click here, or contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Fan Cheering

Michael Hill, Director of Sports Performance, Georgetown

It was truly great having him as he helped out in many ways and it was actually sad to see him go. He did a magnificent job and I would welcome him back again.


Jason Lake, Programme Lead MSc, Chichester

 This has provided an excellent springboard to the students, who have been lucky
enough to benefit from these opportunities, providing them with invaluable skills for future roles in
the industry.


I really became a better coach, and it was an incredible learning experience. I learnt more in 7 weeks than I have in 4 years of higher education!

Matt, Placement at the University of North Carolina

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