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The IUSCA is an international accreditation body in Strength and Conditioning (S&C) and Sport Science in the Higher Education (HE) sector. Our courses and qualifications, meticulously developed by leading experts in the field, are accredited and regulated under the International Qualification Framework (IQF), providing an international seal of approval and recognition.

Our courses are awarded at various levels on the IQF and serve several purposes: 

Professional Accreditation (aISCP, mISCP)

  • IQF Level 6, 7 and 8 professional accreditations. These are viewed as the 'international standard for an S&C practitioner', and designate an individual as highly skilled and experienced within the domain of S&C. This is appropriate for those working full-time in a lead capacity in a high-performance or professional setting.   


Industry Standard Certifications (Level 2, 3, 4)

  • Qualified practitioners working in health, fitness, and sports settings. Level 2 is generally viewed as the minimum standard for H&S specifications within organisations. Level 4 is viewed as the minimum standard for independent work, such as a Personal Trainer, or Graduate S&C Coach. 


Professional Development | Short Courses

  • A variety of professional development courses to meet health and safety needs, organisational requirements, and upskilling your current level of knowledge.  

Find out more about course levels here.

See our full range of courses here.

Look out for the industry seal of approval (IQF) on courses to ensure international recognition. 

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International Qualification
Framework (IQF)

The IUSCA uses standardised course levels, classified on the International Qualification Framework (IQF), to ensure that stakeholders understand the requirements and competencies of suitably qualified individuals. 

The International Qualification Framework (IQF) is a global regulatory framework, designed to provide understanding and transparency of the equivalent levels of education provided by different organisations. This is a standardised system that allows for the transfer of qualifications between different countries and governing bodies.


For further information regarding each IQF Level, please refer to the corresponding Table of Competencies, which details the level of understanding at each IQF stage.

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International Qualifications Framework IQF - Level Descriptors 1200dpi.jpg


Gym Equipment

The International Qualification Framework makes it easy to understand the different levels of certification and has helped me structure my learning towards achieving industry accreditation with the IUSCA.

Ben Richmond, Academy Strength and Conditioning Coach, Leeds, UK

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  • Why are IUSCA courses and qualifications right for me?
    Our IUSCA courses and qualifications offer something for everyone. No matter what your role or level of experience within sport science/S&C, you will find an appropriate course or qualification. This includes entry level certifications, such as the Level 2 in Strength and Conditioning, which is the required minimum standard to work in most industry settings, right through to full Accreditation and Master Accreditation, which is appropriate for those with extensive experience within the profession. There is also a range of professional development courses (CPD) covering key topics within S&C, which will help you remain at the top of your profession.
  • What do the IQF Levels relate to? How can I know the equivalent in my country?
    The IQF, or International Qualification Framework is a global classification system to standardise courses, qualifications and levels of education throughout the S&C profession. This enables equivalences to be determined between awarding bodies and countries. All of our courses and certifications are internationally accredited.
  • Who designed the course content?
    All course content has been designed by experts within the field of S&C, sport science, or the relevent course discipline. Qualificaiton standards have been developed in collaboration with the IQF and the IUSCA Advisory Board. Specific courses may also feature expert live tutorial, such as the Training for Hypertophy in Sport course, which has live delivery by Brad Schoenfeld.
  • Are these courses live, online/in-person, or on-demand?"
    Our range of courses and qualifications are offered through a combination of live, online, in-person, on-demand etc. These details are specified within the individual course information pages.
  • We would like to deliver these courses within our organisation for our staff. Is this possible?
    Yes, it is possible to deliver these as part of your organisational required courses. Please contact us for further information at
  • How long will I have access to the material?
    You will have lifetime access to the course material, including all future updates.
  • Are live sessions recorded?
    Yes, all live sessions will be recorded, meaning that you can catch up 'on-demand' if you require.
  • Are the courses accredited?
    Yes, our courses are internationally accredited and regulated on the International Qualification Framework (IQF). This ensures global portability of your certification.
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Andrew Langford, Performance Consultant

It's great to have an international standard for courses and qualifications. This makes it easy for coaches to understand the level they are at, and where they want to be. 

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Aden Flannagan, Lead S&C Coach, Leicester City

 When recruiting, we look for candidates that have the right qualifications and show a keen interest in professional development. The IUSCA seal guarantees the standards we require. 

AH Twitter (1)_edited.png

I believe that the IUSCA provides the international sports performance community with a governing body that our field can be proud of. The IQF is another step that allows us to further validate our profession and promotes a framework for growth and development.

Adam Hermann, Assist. Athletics Director Sports Performance, Northwestern

Course List
Course List

Internationally Accredited Certifications (IQF)

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Download the IUSCA

S&C Career Guide

Read the comprehensive guide for how to progress in the S&C profession. From entry level, through to the highest echelons of sports performance, you can find something to elevate your career. 

As an international accreditation body, our qualifications carry global recognition. All courses are accredited on the International Qualification Framework (IQF)

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