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Level 1 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning

Get a certificate by completing the program.
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Welcome to the IUSCA IQF Level 1 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning Course. This introductory course is designed for students aged 16-19, athletes, coaches, and assistant coaches interested in gaining foundational knowledge in strength and conditioning (S&C). It covers basic principles of sports science, performance enhancement, injury prevention, and the role of strength and conditioning in overall athletic development. This free course aims to provide learners with the essential skills and understanding required to pursue further education in sports performance, sport science, and strength and conditioning fields. This course is rated at Level 1 on the International Qualification Framework, which uses a rating system from 1 to 8, where Level 1 is foundational learning, and Level 8 is Doctorate level education. We hope that you enjoy this course and use it as a launchpad into a career in strength and conditioning. Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: Understand the fundamental principles of strength and conditioning. Recognize the importance of S&C in sports performance and injury prevention. Identify key components of effective training programs. Apply basic S&C techniques with an emphasis on form and safety. Appreciate the role of nutrition and recovery in athletic performance. Consider further study or careers in sports science and strength and conditioning.


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