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Benefits to Universities

Benefits of IUSCA Degree Accreditation for Universities

At the IUSCA, we are committed to recognizing the quality of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in the field of Strength and Conditioning (S&C). Our Degree Accreditation program evaluates courses based on their ability to develop robust teaching protocols and fair, reflective assessment processes to ensure that universities can offer high-quality courses that:

  • Meet independent quality assurance standards and industry requirements

  • Prepare students with industry-specific knowledge, practical skills, and certification to enter the workforce with confidence

  • Attract and retain talented students seeking reputable and globally recognized degree programs

  • Enhance student satisfaction and attainment, leading to higher graduation and employment rates

  • Foster collaborative partnerships with other accredited universities and industry leaders

  • Promote the sharing of best practices and ongoing professional development among faculty and staff

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About Accreditation

Accreditation by the IUSCA recognises and supports the advancement of skills and education in Strength and Conditioning (S&C). The IUSCA Accreditation program has established a profile of skills that employers will be able to recognise in coaches and practitioners with IUSCA accreditation.
These qualities include:


  • ​The ability to utilise scientific thinking in a variety of contexts

  • In-depth knowledge of S&C principles and practices

  • Effective communication and writing skills

  • Demonstrated technical proficiency

  • Significant full-time experience (at least 2 years) as a practitioner

  • Ability to review and evaluate their own and others' practice and performance

Satisfactory completion of the IUSCA Accredited degree course will result in the candidate being awarded a title of Accredited International Strength and Conditioning Practitioner (aISCP). This is an IQF Level 6 qualification, designed to align with globally recognized standards such as those set by organizations like the NSCA, UKSCA, and ASCA, ensuring international comparability and recognition.

For a master's degree course, the graduate will be eligible for the Accredited International Strength and Conditioning Practitioner by Master's (aISCP*m) certification. This is an IQF Level 7 qualification. 






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Why Obtain IUSCA
Degree Accreditation?

  • Independent Quality Assurance

IUSCA Degree Accreditation provides universities with independent quality assurance that their undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses meet industry standards for Strength and Conditioning (S&C). Accredited courses must demonstrate their ability to develop robust teaching protocols and fair assessment processes, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education.

  • Confirmation of Graduates Meeting Industry Standards

IUSCA Degree Accreditation gives employers confidence that graduates from accredited programs are job-ready and meet industry standards. The requirement for significant practical experience ensures that students have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a competitive job market.

  • International Recognition and Employability

Graduates of IUSCA Degree Accredited programs are eligible for Accredited International Strength and Conditioning Practitioner (aISCP) status, which is the highest level of degree-embedded certification available in S&C. This certification has global recognition, enhancing graduates' employability in the international job market.

  • Enhanced Recruitment Potential and Student Satisfaction

Institutions that offer IUSCA Degree Accreditation have seen a 31% increase in applications, demonstrating the value of this accreditation to prospective students. In addition, IUSCA Degree Accredited programs have noted an 11% increase in student satisfaction and a 14% increase in student attainment levels, indicating that students are receiving a high-quality education that prepares them for their future careers.

  • Professional Partnerships and Placement Opportunities

IUSCA Degree Accredited programs benefit from our extensive network of international professional partners and organizations. Students can enroll in our NCAA Division 1 Volunteer Placement program, offering unmatched professional experience and further enhancing their employability.

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“Western Illinois University is honored to be the very first IUSCA Accredited program in the USA. The rapidly and ever-changing world of performance training requires a responsive and comprehensive curriculum.


WIU's Exercise Science program has always worked hard to be a highly competitive and comprehensive program and the IUSCA Accreditation was the right move for our students. 

Dr. Timothy J. Piper, Assistant Professor & Program Director for Exercise Science. 


How can we apply to be an Accredited Institution?

Degree Accreditation can be awarded to Bachelor of Science (BSc/BS) or Master of Science (MSc/MS) degrees that can demonstrate the required IUSCA competencies. 


Before applying for Accredited status with the IUSCA, you should familiarise yourself with the institutional requirements as detailed within the Degree Accreditation Handbook.  



Request the IUSCA Degree Accreditation Handbook

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When you are ready, please get in contact with us so that we can discuss the Accreditation procedure and guide you through the process. 

Degree Accredited Institutions and Recent Partners

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