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Planning & Structuring S&C Sessions | Glenn Corcoran | FREE WEBINAR

We are pleased to announce the next free webinar in our 2022 series for the S&C and Sports Performance community.

Glenn Corcoran, manager of the Bond University HPTC will be delivering his Master International Strength and Conditioning Practitioner (mISCP) Inauguration Presentation, titled "Planning and Structure of Strength and Conditioning Sessions for Teams: Gym, Field, and Court". This will include a Q&A.

Glenn Corcoran is the manager of the Bond University High Performance Training Centre and holds a Master Exercise Science (S&C). He is an ASCA Level 3 and PCAS-Master coach, and NSCA CSCS and RSCC*Emeritus. Glenn is a Life member of the ASCA, and was the 2019 ASCA Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year. Glenn has over 30 years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach in team sports: especially with rugby including the Australian National Womens’ Rugby Union “Wallaroos” and Premier Club Rugby. He is also on the Advisory Board for the IUSCA.

Spaces are limited, so to sign up and reserve your space, please click on the link:




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