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Change Of Direction Actions in Goal Scoring Situations in Male and Female Professional Soccer

The International Journal of Strength and Conditioning is the only academic journal in S&C and Sport Science to be 'Diamond' Open Access. We have recently published a new article by Martinez Hernandez, D., & Jones, P. A. (2024). titled, "Change Of Direction Actions in Goal Scoring Situations in Male and Female Professional Soccer".


The aim of this study was to analyse the frequency of change of direction (COD) actions in goal scoring situations. Data was collected through time motion analysis of goal scoring actions from teams participating in English Premier League (EPL) and Women’s Super League (WSL) during the 2018/2019 season using a modified version of the Bloomfield Movement Classification with differences analysed through chi-square (p < 0.05).

In (total percentage [95% CI] 71.6% (±1.7%) and 70.6% (±3.1%) of players involvements in EPL and WSL there was a COD action. For EPL and WSL, respectively, attackers performed COD actions in 71.9% (±2.3%) and 72.9% (±4.1%) of the involvements while defenders in 71.2% (±2.6%) and 67.8% (±4.7%). In 56.1% (±1.9%) and 57.1% (±3.3%) of the involvements there was at least 1 COD action performed at high intensity for EPL and WSL, respectively.

Soccer players are frequently exposed to different COD actions during goal involvements, with these being performed frequently at high intensity and so, this physical ability could play an important role in the performance outcomes of a match. Therefore, emphasis should be placed on increasing player’s COD speed capabilities taking into account the tendency for specific COD actions for different players’ based on their roles.

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