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Coventry University to deliver IUSCA Endorsed Internship

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Coventry University's Strength and Conditioning (S&C) department has been awarded IUSCA Endorsed status for it's Internship after completing the rigorous Internship Endorsement process. This accolade gives industry recognition and is a seal-of-approval for Coventry University's quality and adherence to best practice protocols.

The Internship Endorsement program has been developed by the IUSCA after recognising a need for quality assurance and adherence to minimum standard for internships. Often, organisations will use internships as a way to provide increased staffing and support for their operations, without fully considering the development of the participant interns.

There is also a concern in many industries that internships can be put in place to provide 'free labour'. The IUSCA process ensures that organisations will follow local/government legislation on the designation of paid/unpaid workers and ensures that participants are rewarded appropriately through education and support.

During the Internship Endorsement process, Coventry University was subject to a robust and detailed audit of its guiding principles, procedures, and outcomes for it's S&C Internship.

Callum Blades, Strength and Conditioning Coach, said

"Coventry University are delighted to have achieved the IUSCA Internship Endorsement as it showcases that our strength and conditioning placement attains an international gold standard.

The opportunity for our students to become IUSCA Endorsed Practitioners' provides a brilliant way to enhance their CVs and the option to undertake a placement aboard is also fantastic for future career advancement. We are excited to further our relationship with the IUSCA to create even more opportunities for our students and the wider industry as a whole.”

Overall Benefits of IUSCA Internship Endorsement include:

  • Quality Assurance

  • Ensures valuable outcomes for interns

  • Ensures valuable outcomes for S&C/Sports Performance department

  • Adheres to best practice guidelines

  • Adheres to Government legislation for paid/unpaid workers

  • Practical hours count towards IUSCA Degree Accreditation

Once universities are able to demonstrate the quality of their departments they will gain IUSCA Endorsed Internship status. This award gives recognition to the fact that the university offer fair value to their interns, and ensures that they operate in line with current legislation. Also, participants who successfully complete the Internship will be awarded IUSCA Endorsed Practitioner (Level 2 equivalent) status.

To find out more about the IUSCA Internship Endorsement, please click on the link below or email

To find out more about the Coventry University Sport Department, please click the following link: Sport and Recreation | Coventry University



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