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IUSCA Awards Accreditation to University of South Wales' BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning

The IUSCA is thrilled to announce that the University of South Wales has been granted the esteemed IUSCA Accredited Degree status for its BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning programme. This significant recognition reflects the University's commitment to high standards in sports education and aligns with industry requirements.

The BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning course, offered by the University of South Wales, stands out as a beacon of excellence in sports science education. Situated in the university’s vibrant Faculty of Health, Sport and Science, this programme is carefully structured to meet the growing demands for skilled professionals in strength and conditioning. Its curriculum is designed to ensure that students are well-versed in the necessary vocational skills, extensive knowledge, and practical proficiency required for professional success in this dynamic field.

With this prestigious IUSCA Degree Accreditation, students graduating from the programme will not only possess an industry-recognized qualification but also gain eligibility to become accredited International Strength and Conditioning Practitioners (aISCP) through IUSCA. This accreditation prepares students for the workforce with a comprehensive skill set and qualities highly valued in the industry, including:

  • Expertise in applying scientific principles in varied contexts

  • In-depth understanding of strength and conditioning concepts

  • Proficiency in clear and effective communication and writing

  • Demonstrable technical skills

  • Extensive practical experience (750 hours)

  • Ability to critically review and evaluate practice and performance

Nathan Evans, the Programme Leader, expressed his enthusiasm about the accreditation, stating: "It is a matter of importance to us as an institution that we have accreditation of our degree programme by professional bodies like IUSCA. This is a mark of assurance that industry standards are met. Having a degree that is peer-reviewed and founded on the judgement of professionals within the industry says that our programme addresses the needs of employers and students, whilst also demonstrating our commitment to delivering the knowledge and practical skills needed for students to pursue a career in the field of strength and conditioning."

The IUSCA Degree Accreditation serves as a gateway for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Strength and Conditioning, as well as related disciplines in Sport Science / Exercise Science, provided the essential competencies are met. This accreditation requires a total of 750 hours of practical experience, achievable through a combination of practical sessions, lab work, internships, work placements, and more.

Institutions with the IUSCA Degree Accreditation have reported significant improvements, including:

  • 31% Increase in Student Recruitment

  • 11% Improvement in Student Retention

  • 14% Rise in Average Attainment

  • Enhanced Partnerships with Professional Teams and Organizations

For more information about the IUSCA Degree Accreditation, please click here or contact To learn more about the accredited BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning programme at the University of South Wales, visit this link.



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