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IUSCA Welcomes Sound Probiotics as Sponsor

We are delighted to announce Sound Probiotics as an official IUSCA Sponsor and Partner.

Sound Probiotics are a market leader in probiotic supplements, aimed specifically at the sports performance community.

Probiotics can help boost your immune function and let you continue to perform at the highest level. Equally important is their role in the maintenance of gut health, ensuring your nutrition and other supplements are properly absorbed. There are multiple research studies on the effects of probiotics on athletes. Studies show that probiotics:

  • Help athletes experience fewer upper respiratory tract infections and gut complaints

  • Are vital in nutrient production and absorption

  • Aid in the production of B-vitamins

  • Enhance amino acid uptake in the gut

To read more about the research behind Sound Probiotics, please click the link below

"Our probiotic is designed by athletes and backed by science. As athletes we train too hard and sacrifice too much to not optimize every part of our training and recovery. Sound Probiotics was started so that every athlete can have the confidence to train and compete at the highest level – because winning takes guts." Sound Probiotics

As an exclusive benefit to IUSCA members, we will be able to offer a 25% discount on all products. Look out for the exclusive discount code in the next IUSCA Newsletter



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