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Portland Pilots undertake IUSCA External Evaluation

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The University of Portland Sports Performance Department has successfully undertaken IUSCA Independent Department External Evaluation (IDEE). The IDEE program has been developed by the International Universities Strength and Conditioning Association (IUSCA) in response to demand from the university sector for a formal and robust assessment procedure, where best practice can be benchmarked and developed.

During the IDEE process, the Sports Performance Department was subject to a thorough and detailed audit of its guiding principles, procedures, and outcomes. This included reviews of department philosophies, leadership, staffing, staff development, programming, H&S policies, facilities, internal reviews, and internships. For each of these categories, they received detailed independent feedback and support, aimed at improving the quality of the department.

Overall Benefits of IDEE include:

• Quality Assurance

• A fair and independent review process and feedback

• Ensuring gold standard of delivery and coaching

• Health and well-being of student-athletes

• Independent staff appraisals and evaluations

• Quality assurance of operating procedures and emergency action plans

• Guidance and support for further development

• Meet requirements for university Insurance providers

"Working with the IUSCA to audit our department was a great experience. Having a knowledgeable, objective, and in depth evaluation provided invaluable information to improve all aspects of our program," said Griffin Waller, Director of Sports Performance at the University of Portland

Griffin continued, "Being able to examine not only the theoretical and practical application of our training system, but gain insight into how we can enhance the department will help us better serve our student-athletes."

Once universities are able to demonstrate the quality of their facilities, provision, and polices, they will gain IUSCA Endorsed status. This award gives recognition to the fact that the university takes seriously student-athlete health and well-being, as well as the development and management of it's staff and resources.

Andrew Langford, Director of the IUSCA said “The IUSCA External Evaluation enables universities to quality assure what they do. It offers an external viewpoint and benchmarking against independently assessed criteria that are viewed as essential to the functioning and development of a performance department. With the risks posed towards student-athletes on a daily basis, it is essential that universities are able to adequately provide a performance environment where the student-athlete can flourish.”

To find out more about the IUSCA Independent Department External Evaluation (IDEE), please click on the link below or email

To find out more about the Sports Performance Department at the University of Portland please click the following link:



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