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University of Salford's BSc (Hons) Sport Science (S&C Pathway) Secures Prestigious IUSCA Accreditation

The IUSCA is proud to announce the recent accreditation of the University of Salford's BSc (Hons) Sport Science (Strength and Conditioning Pathway) programme. This accolade highlights the University’s commitment to delivering education that meets the highest standards in sports science and strength and conditioning (S&C).

Located within the esteemed School of Health and Society, the University of Salford’s BSc (Hons) Sport Science (S&C Pathway) programme is uniquely designed to allow students to specialize in strength and conditioning as they progress through their degree. This course is a testament to the University's dedication to providing cutting-edge education, combining academic rigor with practical expertise to prepare students for successful careers in the sports industry.

The IUSCA Degree Accreditation acknowledges the programme's alignment with industry requirements, ensuring that graduates are equipped with S&C skills and knowledge that are highly valued by employers. This accreditation is a significant step in enhancing the employability and career prospects of graduates, positioning them to contribute significantly to advancements in sports performance.

Dr. Mark Quinn, the Programme Leader, shared his perspective on this achievement: “Our undergraduate Sports Science programme at the University of Salford allows students to specialize within S&C as they transition through the degree. The IUSCA accreditation elevates our undergraduate provision by ensuring graduates possess industry-relevant S&C skills and knowledge valued by top employers. This recognition boosts graduates' employability and opportunities as they strive to advance excellence in sports performance. It strengthens our university's reputation as a leading provider of sports science and S&C.”

The IUSCA Degree Accreditation confirms the University’s adherence to high standards in its curriculum, which includes essential competencies for Strength and Conditioning professionals. It mandates 750 hours of practical experience, achieved through various hands-on activities like practical sessions, lab work, internships, and work placements.

Institutions that have received the IUSCA Degree Accreditation have reported notable improvements:

  • 31% Increase in Student Recruitment

  • 11% Improvement in Student Retention

  • 14% Rise in Average Attainment

  • Strengthened Partnerships with Professional Teams and Organizations

For more information about the IUSCA Degree Accreditation, please visit here or contact To explore the BSc (Hons) Sport Science (S&C Pathway) programme at the University of Salford, please visit this link.



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