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University of Salford’s MSc Strength & Conditioning Achieves IUSCA Accreditation

The IUSCA is pleased to announce that the University of Salford’s MSc Strength & Conditioning programme has been awarded the prestigious IUSCA Accredited Degree status. This significant achievement underscores the programme’s commitment to excellence and its alignment with the highest standards in postgraduate strength and conditioning education.

Hosted within the School of Health and Society, the MSc Strength & Conditioning programme at the University of Salford is renowned for its comprehensive approach to developing skilled practitioners equipped with the scientific knowledge and practical abilities to excel in the strength and conditioning industry. Originally developed by Dr. Paul Comfort, Professor of Strength and Conditioning, the MSc was one of the first in the UK and the programme's curriculum is meticulously designed to integrate industry requirements into its teaching, learning, and assessment strategies, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of the profession.

The IUSCA Degree Accreditation signifies that the MSc Strength & Conditioning programme not only meets but exceeds the rigorous standards set forth by the international body, offering students an unparalleled educational experience. Graduates of the programme are highly sought after by employers for their ability to apply scientific principles in practice, their depth of knowledge in strength and conditioning, and their proficiency in professional skills.

Dr. Paul Jones, the Programme Leader for the MSc Strength & Conditioning, shared his thoughts on the accreditation: "The MSc Strength & Conditioning programme at the University of Salford prides itself on being one of the premier postgraduate strength and conditioning programmes in the UK with the sole aim of developing scientifically sound and highly competent practitioners. In order to achieve this aim, we place industry requirements at the forefront of our teaching, learning, and assessment strategy, and thus, the International Universities Strength & Conditioning Association programme accreditation is essential to enable us to ensure our graduates meet the required standards to be successful in the strength and conditioning field."

This accreditation ensures that students have access to a curriculum that emphasizes practical experience, achieved through a variety of hands-on activities such as laboratory work, internships, and work placements, culminating in 750 hours of practical experience.

The achievements reported by institutions with IUSCA Degree Accreditation include:

  • 31% Increase in Student Recruitment

  • 11% Improvement in Student Retention

  • 14% Rise in Average Attainment

  • Enhanced Partnerships with Professional Teams and Organizations

For more information about the IUSCA Degree Accreditation, please visit here or contact To discover more about the accredited MSc Strength & Conditioning programme at the University of Salford, please visit this link.



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