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Psychological Tools for Sports Coaches

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Welcome to the IUSCA Course in Psychological Tools for Sports Coaches. This is a professional development course aimed at upskilling you as a coach and providing you with knowledge and tools to utilise in your profession. This course is ideal for all involved in sport, but in particular for coaches and practitioners. It also meets the requirements for institutional Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. The material within this course has been developed using the latest research within the fields of cognitive and behavioural psychology, drawing on the knowledge of leaders within the field, such as; Daniel Kahneman, Jonathan Haidt, Daniel Simons, Pragya Agarwal, Steven Pinker, Michael Posner, and Steve Peters During this course you will learn: How the brain works How we make decisions The mental shortcuts and bias we all have How this impacts sport and coaching What we can do about it How we can make better decisions How we can have better interactions The course has been designed for you to work at your own pace, through a series of guided learnings. These will contain written sections, videos, links, and various tasks for you to complete. In total, it is expected that this course will take you around 8 hours to complete. By answering the questions along the way, you will be able to receive a Certificate of Completion.


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