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Training for Hypertrophy in Sport (Level 7)

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Welcome to the IUSCA course on Training for Hypertrophy in Sport. This is based on the landmark IUSCA Position Stand on Hypertrophy authored by Brad Schoenfeld et al., and published in the International Journal of Strength and Conditioning in 2021. The is course is graded as Level 7 on the International Qualifications Framework (IQF). This is therefore regarded as an advanced course, for those with degree level education. It is intended to provide up-to-date continual education for Sport Scientists, S&C Coaches, Personal Trainers, University Lecturers and Researchers. The course features recorded content from Brad Schoenfeld. Upon finishing the course participants will receive a Certificate of Completion. The anticipated duration of the course is approximately 20 GLH (guided learning hours). *Course Syllabus* - Science of Hypertrophy - Basics of Hypertrophy - Physiological Principles - Relationship between Hypertrophy and Strength - Acute Vs. Longitudinal Data - Manipulation of Program Variables - Load - Volume - Frequency - Rest Interval - Exercise Selection - Set End Point - Advanced Training Methods - Concurrent Training - Periodisation


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