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Introducing the IUSCA Forum: Bringing the Community Together

The IUSCA are delighted to be able to introduce to the S&C community an interactive and collaborative forum, where IUSCA members will be able to ask questions, share thoughts and opinions, and help each other in their development as coaches.

This is a fantastic resource for all level of coach, offering an opportunity for enhanced community engagement and the sharing of best practice. It is truly an open forum and community tool, where members will decide what topics are discussed, and anyone can comment and provide their opinion.

There is also a 'social media' element to the forum, that enables users to 'follow' other members and interact with other coaches throughout our worldwide network.

In order to utilise the forum simply:

  1. Sign up for a free IUSCA Community Membership

  2. Create your profile and add a photo if you wish

  3. Click on the Forum

  4. View current questions and comments, and share your own

  5. Search current members and choose who you would like to follow

Also, check out our brief tutorial video to guide you through the process:



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