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IUSCA Conference Sponsor | Firstbeat

The IUSCA is delighted to welcome Firstbeat as a sponsor for our Virtual Conference on Friday 20th August. The industry leading IUSCA conference will feature keynote presentations by Brad Schoenfeld, Ron McKeefery, JB Morin, Tim Suchomel, Lorena Torres Ronda, John Wagle, and Keir Wenham-Flatt. Registration is only $49 and you will also receive access to the full recordings.

Firstbeat Sports is a HRV solution that serves every part of your monitoring and performance needs. Firstbeat Sports combines the most comprehensive analytics in team sports with a customizable interface to support real-time monitoring, recovery monitoring, performance management, and much more.

The result? Data-driven decisions that support your athletes and team training, recovery, and performance goals. Firstbeat Sports offers the most comprehensive performance analytics in team sports, with 50+ metrics covering training load, intensity, fitness, performance, stress, movement, and recovery insights brought together in one place.

Companies like Firstbeat, who sponsor IUSCA events, show their commitment and support for the S&C industry by helping make these events possible and keeping the prices as low as possible.

To find out more about Firstbeat, please visit the website at


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