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IUSCA Courses and Qualifications

The IUSCA is delighted to announce the launch of our formal courses and qualifications pathway.

This pathway, based on the International Qualifications Framework (IQF), has been developed by leaders within the field, with the aim of creating a standardised framework and pathway for students and practitioners at all levels within S&C/Sports Performance.

IUSCA courses are awarded at various levels on the IQF and serve several purposes:

  • Professional Development | Short Courses

These are short courses designed for the coach/practitioner that wants to stay at the top of their profession.

  • Industry Standard Certifications (Level 2, 3, 4 and 8)

International industry certification from the global leader in strength and conditioning (S&C) within the higher education sector.

  • Professional Accreditation (aISCP, mISCP)

The International Standard for Strength and Conditioning (S&C).

All of our courses and qualifications are endorsed on the International Qualification Framework (IQF), giving an International seal of approval and recognition.

International Qualification Framework (IQF)

The IUSCA uses standardised course levels, rated on the International Qualification Framework (IQF), to help ensure that stakeholders understand the requirements and competencies of suitably qualified individuals.

The IQF is designed to provide understanding and transparency of the equivalent levels of education provided by different organisations. This is a standardised system that allows for the transfer of qualifications between different countries and governing bodies.

For further information regarding each IQF Level, please refer to the corresponding Table of Competencies, which details the level of understanding at each IQF stage.

Why IUSCA Courses and Qualifications?

Our IUSCA courses and qualifications offer something for everyone. No matter what your role or level of experience within sport science/S&C, you will find an appropriate course or qualification.

This includes entry level certifications, such as the IQF Level 2 in Strength and Conditioning, which is the required minimum standard to work in most industry settings, right through to full IUSCA Accreditation and Master Accreditation, which are appropriate for those with extensive experience within the profession.

There are also a range of professional development courses (CPD) covering key topics within S&C, which will help you remain at the top of your profession.

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