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St Mary’s University S&C Degrees Awarded Prestigious IUSCA Accreditation

The International Universities Strength and Conditioning Association (IUSCA) is proud to announce that the BSc Strength and Conditioning Science, MSc Applied Strength and Conditioning Science, and MSc Strength and Conditioning (Distance Learning) courses at St Mary’s University, Twickenham (SMU) have been awarded Degree Accredited status.

This prestigious accreditation reflects SMU’s commitment to meeting the highest international standards in strength and conditioning (S&C) education and preparing students for successful careers in the industry.

Andrew Langford, Director of IUSCA, stated, "We are delighted to award St Mary’s University with this accreditation. Their commitment to providing top-tier education and practical experience in strength and conditioning is exemplary. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and supporting their students with vocational experiences and additional educational materials."

The IUSCA Degree Accreditation is the only way for universities to embed a Level 6 Professional Certification for students directly upon graduation. This ensures graduates possess:

  • The ability to utilize scientific thinking in various contexts

  • Breadth and depth of knowledge within S&C

  • The ability to write and communicate with clarity and effectiveness

  • Demonstrated technical abilities

  • Significant experience as a practitioner (750 hours)

  • The ability to review and evaluate their own and others' practice and performance

Associate Professor and Subject Lead Dr. Alex Bliss commented, “Our guiding principle across all of the courses at St Mary’s is to provide the best possible experience for our students. We have been working with Andrew and Aden at the IUSCA for a number of years, particularly to support the expansion of our international placement opportunities for students.

“With us having a diverse educational offering for students, we are delighted to have all three of our eligible S&C courses accredited by the IUSCA. We have a large student base here at St Mary’s in S&C and having our courses recognised in this way will allow us to continue to be an internationally leading institution for high-quality S&C education.

“Our students are excited by the opportunity to work towards accreditation and to benefit from the various opportunities the IUSCA provide including vocational experiences and additional educational materials that support their learning journey here at St Mary’s.”

The IUSCA accreditation signifies excellence in curriculum, faculty, and resources, ensuring graduates are well-equipped with scientific thinking, technical abilities, and substantial practical experience.

For more information about the accredited courses and the benefits for students, visit the St Mary’s University website.

Details about the IUSCA Degree Accreditation process can be found at IUSCA Degree Accreditation.



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