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Assessing The Key Physical Capabilities in Striking Combat Sports

The International Journal of Strength and Conditioning is the world's first in S&C and Sport Science to be 'Diamond' Open Access. We have recently published a new article by Gusciglio, B., & Morin, J.-B. titled, "Assessing The Key Physical Capabilities in Striking Combat Sports: Reliability And Reproducibility of A New Test"


The rules and the technical aspect of combat sports make it difficult to determine key performance indicators. Therefore, the assessment of striking sports discipline-specific key components may be relevant. This study aims to present a test assessing specifically the fighters striking force-velocity (F-V) capabilities. 10 MMA fighters performed FV (two-point (TP) and multiple-point (MP) methods) and fatigue tests using the landmine punch exercise (LPE) which is considered a specific exercise for striking combat sports. A high within-subject intra-session and inter-session reliability and reproducibility were found for the FV profiles parameters and the fatigue test (most CVs<10%, ICCs>0.67, ES < 0.2 for F0, V0, Pmax, Sfv, Ppeak, Pmean, Pmin and FI% and r > 0.9). Moreover, the TP and MP methods showed high validity and agreement (r >0.88 and ES <0.37). The novel LPE test presented in this pilot study is a highly reproducible tool for evaluating both mechanical and anaerobic components specific to the discipline. Athletes and coaches may use this test to better understand striking performance in combat sports.

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