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FREE WEBINAR | Teofe Ziemnicki | Using Wearable Data to Plan a Microcycle

We are excited to announce the next free webinar in our 2023 series for the S&C and Sports Performance community.

Teofe Ziemnicki, Head of Sports Science at TeamBuildr, will be delivering a webinar on "Using Wearable Data to Plan a Microcycle". This will include a Q&A session at the end.

Teofe Ziemnicki is the Head of Sport Science for TeamBuildr. Previously he was the Director of Sport Science and Analytics at Yale University while also serving as a Performance Coach for 5 Varsity teams. He helped lead the Women's Hockey team to their first National Tournament and Semi Finals appearance ever and developed a fatigue monitoring dashboard used for the Yale Men's Lacrosse national title winning season. Now with TeamBuildr, Teofe helps customers, private to professional, develop data collection and data visualization systems to meet each institution's context. He also advises on new feature creation within the TeamBuildr app.

Spaces are limited, so to sign up and reserve your space, please click on the link:

This webinar is being delivered as part of the TeamBuildr Wearables Dashboard launch.

To find out more about TeamBuildr and the wearables dashboard, please watch the video below and visit



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