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International Universities Strength and Conditioning Association Launch Statement

Dear S&C Community,

We are delighted to announce the launch of the International Universities Strength and Conditioning Association (IUSCA). We are a collaborative, non-profit organisation, consisting of coaches, practitioners and academics within the field of S&C, interested in the enhancement and development of the university sector.

Strength and Conditioning (S&C) support has long been implemented at US universities to support the fierce intercollegiate competition. This has been mirrored on varying scales in other nations and there is great potential to influence and support the development of collegiate athletes around the world. Our hope is to encourage the sharing of best practice between the university S&C community as well as promoting and emphasising the importance of well-implemented physical development to university stakeholders and decision makers.

Furthermore, we have recently seen dramatic growth in S&C within academia, with many degrees offered at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Whilst this is an exciting development, there is currently limited collaboration across universities and there is limited cross-over between researchers and coaches. In order to enhance this link and help ensure a valuable and sustainable profession, our aim is to bring together universities and coaches to create meaningful, progressive research that is available free to the entire S&C community. We will also aim to promote standards and help ensure that the next generation of S&C graduates are meeting the needs of the S&C profession. Our membership is free, so we hope that you will all be able to join us and help contribute to our vision and mission of the growth and development of the global S&C community.





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