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Reflective practice: Helping coaches improve their coaching

The International Journal of Strength and Conditioning is the world's first in S&C and Sport Science to be 'Diamond' Open Access. We have a new article now in Community Review by Xavier Roy, Simona Gavrila, and Pierre Sercia. Please help take part in the review process by clicking the link below to view the Journal and then access the pdf. Through the plugin you can then add comments for the authors.


Reflective practice has recently been advocated as approach for sports and strength and conditioning coaches to question, learn from, and understand their own experiences to adapt and/or change their subsequent behaviors and decision-making processes. This article discusses the importance of reflexive practice for coaches and provides examples of how reflective practice can be implemented at each step of the coaching process.

Click the link below to read the full article and take part in the review process:




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