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TeamBuildr: Passionate Support for the S&C Profession

The IUSCA would like to commend TeamBuildr for their continued and passionate support of the S&C profession. Companies such as TeamBuildr, who partner with and sponsor the IUSCA, allow us to continue developing and delivering initiatives and projects for the betterment of the S&C community.

As a non-profit, striving for the improvement of S&C in all areas, the IUSCA host free webinars; create free video content; publish a fully open-access, peer-reviewed journal; and have community engagement opportunities, such as through the IUSCA Forum. All of these are only possible through the support of likeminded companies such as TeamBuildr, who share our ethos for making a real difference to coaches and athletes.

TeamBuildr offers a powerful online platform for any coach, in any setting. Since being founded in 2011, TeamBuildr has developed market-leading software, where every day, thousands of coaches log into TeamBuildr to write training programs, build questionnaires and access athlete and client performance data.

Andrew Langford, Director of the IUSCA said "as part of the IUSCA's advisory work within performance departments and academic institutions worldwide, it was important to align with and recognise the best products and services available to our industry. TeamBuildr is clearly one of those products."

CEO of TeamBuildr, Hewitt Tomlin commented, "TeamBuildr are proud to partner with the IUSCA in distributing our marketing-leading software platform to S&C programs around the world. IUSCA's international presence alongside TeamBuildr's global adoption reinforces a partnership that shares universal best practices in sports performance across many settings and levels of competition."

To find out more about TeamBuildr please visit the website at


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