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Independent Department External Evaluation (IDEE)

What is Independent Department External Evaluation (IDEE)?

"IDEE is the process of measuring performance according to a predefined set of standards (benchmarking)"

The IUSCA IDEE process has been created as part of our ongoing work to professionalise the S&C and Sports Performance sector. IUSCA employer partners, funders and stakeholders have placed their support in IUSCA to ensure that university departments in our sector are efficient, effective, and safe.

The IUSCA works closely with governing bodies, government agencies, and medical professionals to standardise our assessment criteria and help institutions work towards best practice.

What are the benefits of EE?

  • Strategic Management and KPI Development

  • Inter-department Collaboration and Structure

  • Facilities and Equipment Audit and Review

  • Quality Assurance of Policies, Processes, and Procedures

  • Staffing - Recruitment, Retention, and Separation

  • Evaluations, Appraisals and CPD

  • Student-Athlete Health, Performance, and Wellbeing


What reports and feedback will we receive?​​

  • An overall department score based on your unique circumstances

  • A detailed analysis of where you perform well

  • A detailed analysis of what could be improved

  • Specific recommendations for best practice

  • Institutional Endorsed Status through the IUSCA

Who is IDEE for?

We work with sports organizations around the world, ensuring that their departments function as effectively as possible, while also prioritizing student-athlete health and well-being.

We are able to Independently Evaluate all sport related departments such as:

  • Athletic Department

  • Sport Performance

  • Sports Medicine

  • Athletic Development

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Sport Science

  • Athletic Training

  • Physiotherapy

The Evaluation Panel

The IDEE evaluation panel typically consists of three consultants; one from a comparable institution, one from the private/professional sector, and one from the IUSCA. This ensures that feedback is fair and independent, and contains viewpoint diversity, which is essential for developing and maintaining a high-performance department.

University of Portland - Sports Performance Department

The Portland Pilots recently went through the IDEE process, where we reviewed all aspects of their department.

A detailed report can be found here

Griffin Waller, Director of Sports Performance commented "Working with the IUSCA to audit our department was a great experience. Having a knowledgeable, objective, and in depth evaluation provided invaluable information to improve all aspects of our program. Being able to examine not only the theoretical and practical application of our training system, but gain insight into how we can enhance the department will help us better serve our student-athletes."

To find out more about the IDEE process please visit the website or contact us at




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